Booking Application - Sports Pavilion Clubroom

If you would like to book the sports pavilion, please complete and submit the form below.

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There is no liquor licence held for the Pavilion. Should hirers wish to consume alcohol, this may be allowed either through an Occasional Licence (to be organised by the hirer) or by using a system whereby no payment is made to the provider (i.e. Drinks given away).


  1. Room Hire. Members - £10 per hour. Non-Members - £20 per hour
  2. £100.00 - Room Deposit to cover breakages, losses, excess cleaning services, etc. (N.B. Should the cost of carrying out replacements for breakages and/or losses exceed £100.00, HLRA reserves the right to charge the hirer the full cost of the replacement).
  3. Cheques for above payable to HARWELL LABORATORIES RECREATIONAL ASSOCIATION (HLRA) in advance to secure booking. Please send individual cheques for Room Hire and Deposit under separate cover to: The Administrator, HLRA, The Pavilion, Harwell Oxford, Didcot, OX11 0DF.


I understand that, as the Organiser, I am required by the Association to be present at the above function for its entire duration and that I am responsible for the orderly conduct of my guests whilst on Association premises.