We are a friendly club of around 25 members. We have two well-maintained courts, all required equipment, and the use of the adjacent sports pavilion. The club has regular club sessions each week. Many of us play in various internal competitions during the season, and in friendly matches against neighbouring croquet clubs. We also participate in several croquet leagues.

The game of croquet is all about getting ball(s) through a sequence of hoops, but the interaction with your opponent(s), and the rules of play, complicate an ever-changing situation. Newcomers may be surprised at the skills of experienced players, but they can begin to play a competitive game within a few hours of first picking up a mallet. Tactics play a large part in the sport, and even well seasoned players still learn new tricks from time to time. Everyone can compete on an equal basis, and games can be played as doubles or singles.

If you might be interested in joining us, regardless of whether you have played the game before, please call Peter, Jim or Mike from the list below, and find out when you can come along for a free taster session.


  • Peter Allan 07810 852 961
  • Jim Bartlett 01491 873 307
  • Mike Duck 01235 850 002


Annual Membership currently costs £25 (plus annual membership to HLRA).

Club website


HLRA Office, The Pavilion, Rutherford Avenue, Harwell Oxford, Didcot, OX11 0DF


01235 831072