Korfball is a fast moving mixed team sport, suitable for all ages. It is played in Oxfordshire & the nearest club to Harwell is Abingdon Korfball Club. The game is played on a court (40m x 20m) which is divided into two halves, with a basket in each end. A team consists of 8 players - 4 men and 4 women. The game begins with 2 men and 2 women from one team in attack and the other 4 players in defence, matched against the attack and defence of the opposing team. After two goals have been scored from either team, the attackers and defenders switch ends on the court and also change roles - attackers become defenders and vice versa, therefore players are required to have both attacking and defending skills. Korfball can be a quick game and is very much a team sport with passing and teamwork as important as individual goal scoring ability.


Abingdon Korfball Club was set up in May 2000. We are a friendly club which welcomes new players, including beginners, throughout the year. The club is open to all adults who would like to play. No experience necessary! For further information email enquiries@abingdonkorfball.co.uk.

Didcot Dragons Korfball Club train every Tuesday at Willowbrook Leisure Centre (20.00 - 21.30). After training we go to a local pub for a well-earned drink and to socialise. To find out more visit http://www.didcot-korfball.co.uk/ or phone Sunil on 07952 206043

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